Saturday, February 6, 2016

Save $$ Permanently!

Do you want an on going discount on your products?
Would you be your own best customer?
Then NOW is a great time to join Stampin' Up! 

There is NO PRESSURE to sell, NO PRESSURE to perform, 
NO PRESSURE to recruit, NO PRESSURE what's so ever ... 

Just an on going discount for you!! 
Up to 38% off EVERY ORDER!! 
Do you have friends that love to craft? 
Seriously this is an AMAZING deal! 

$169 buys you a Stampin' Up Kit! 
For this you will get a whopping $295 in product of your own choosing! 
A FREE business pack worth $80! 
Invitation to our ON STAGE Events! 
FREE Online Training!
Catalogues before anyone else! 
Heads Up on Up Coming Deals! 

What are you waiting for?
This deal is only until the end of March, after that your kit value will be $235 so you are getting a further $60 for FREE! 

You wont regret it!! 
Why not get a discount on your craft items?
You deserve it!!! 

If you want more info contact me 

Inky Hugs

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