Saturday, September 24, 2016

Workshop Projects

Workshop Cards

We have been having a lot of fun in my classes and workshops lately. 
In particular we've been using the 
Thoughtful Branches Bundle
This was only to be able to be ordered for the month of August
BUT there are still sets avaialable so, 
whilst there is still stock we can still order them! 
How awesome is that! 
If you would like your very own set ( you REALLY need this one ) 
Just click on the Shop Now button below.
 The other set I have been playing with is 
Touches of Texture
What a versatile set this is!!!

If you would like learn how to make these cards
let me know and I can book you into one of my classes. 
If you think your friends would like to do these I can 
do a private class or workshop in your home. 

I hope you enjoy this lovely weekend! 
I know my family and I are enjoying this beautiful spring weather! 

We've been gardening today 
and I am getting ready for a FOUR day retreat next weekend. 
Can't wait ...
Inky hugs


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