Monday, November 15, 2010

Dont miss out on this AMAZING deal!!

You only have until November 29th to get your order in for this with me. Its a great deal.....dont miss out!!!


  1. Hi Denielle,
    Thanks to you and Lyn for letting me hang with you at Regionals today, you guys made it fun. Thanks for the earrings too, they were a hit. Hope you had a good birthday,
    Cheers Fi

  2. Your so welcome Fiona, we totally enjoyed your company!!! Looking forward to keeping in touch!!

  3. Hi Denielle, thanks for a great day at Regionals, it was lovely meeting you! I have linked to your page on my blog about the day. Gorgeous blog by the way, love the background images- did you design it or find it somwhere? Cheers, Tennille. :)

  4. Thanks Tennille.....was so great to meet you soon :-)